[Play free] Play Dinosaur Game


↑Up key to start! (If you are on a smartphone, tap the dinosaur)

This is a WordPress game in which dinosaur run as far as possible in the wilderness.
The object of the game is to keep running as far as possible.

How to play

Start : ↑ Up
Jump : ↑ Up
crouch : ↓ Down

Cacti and pteranodons will try to block your way.

Use the up arrow key on the keyboard to jump over.
Use the down arrow key to crouch.

When scores reach 700 points, the moon appears in the sky and shifts from day to night.

On a smartphone, tap the game area to jump.

About Dinosaur Game

This game is a WordPress plugin created by Google and can be easily installed on your WordPress blog.
The official site seems to be here.


Add the dinosaur game from Google Chrome to your site using …

Referenced sites

I also used this page as a reference when setting up the site on WordPress.
Thank you very much.


WordPressのプラグインは簡単なゲームもありますよ。 ちょっとした暇つぶしにできる「Dinosaur Game」…


If you like, you can run for 700 points to see the moon.